Our community of yogis are men and women of all ages, sizes and colors.  To benefit from yoga, you don't have to touch your toes.. you don't have to lose weight..you don't have to stand on your head.. and you don't have to be anyone other than who you are right now. 

Yoga meets you where you are.

Who benefits from yoga?  Everyone.  Yoga is for everyone

Meet some of our students and find out what yoga is for them.

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"Yoga is for everyone, for sure. I practice yoga because it’s literally the one part of my day that I can go inwards and not have to worry about everything else that’s going on around me."- Tanya Birl 

"Yoga just makes me feel good. Depending on the day, it can be energizing, restful, or awakening spiritually. I have found that it's just a huge addition to my life." - Diane Lopez

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"Yoga provides a way to keep physically and mentally fit. I enjoy the challenge of mastering asanas that I never thought that I could do, and gives me a sense of accomplishment when I do so."- Jerry Flower

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"Yoga keeps me alive. It makes me feel invigorated and healthy and it helps you to handle things.It’s also a time out on your day."- Sara Mcfadden

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"Yoga is  fun! It gives me mental clarity, it helps with my anger. " - Joyce Lopez

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"I practice yoga for peace and flexibility. It started as physical flexibility and it's becoming emotional flexibility." - Chris De Camillis 

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"I practice yoga because it's my reset button to whatever is going on in my day, or my life, or my mood. A lot of times I’ll come in and I’ll feel down and then after class, I feel renewed and ready to tackle my problems. I love it."- Ibelca Jorge 

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"I do yoga because it simply makes me feel great. I like being active.  It provides a great foundation for the other things I do like swimming and hiking. Even though we associate yoga with physical poses, it's more about mental training. If there's a pose that you can't do at the moment it can actually be because of something bigger. Yoga has really helped me to accept challenges."- Julie Kim

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"It helps me relieve stress that I have. Yoga gives me a pep in my step."- Rob Uribe

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"Yoga has healing and inspiring powers. It helped me to heal from my injuries. It inspires me everyday and it keeps me happy and focussed in and outside of class."- Dorota Puchala- Krigler 

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"I practice yoga because it helps me live peacefully off of my mat. Learning to break through difficult poses on my mat, I can use that in the real world and breathe through difficult situations." - Gabi Seplovich

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"I got into yoga because I was injured. I was a runner, I used to play basketball and I wanted to do something to heal those injuries and also stay in shape. And I found all of my classes to be restorative. I’m also in the best shape of my life right now. It’s a full spectrum experience. I became more flexible and stronger. I had shin splints and I’ve healed them through yoga."- Kasey Zapatka.

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"I do yoga because I have a lot on my plate, and I find that yoga really helps to ease my mind. It’s really relaxing, and it’s always a good reminder to just breathe." - Monique Logan

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"Yoga makes me strong and powerful on the inside and out. It makes me feel good. I look good because of yoga. It’s all a positive. It gives me mental clarity and physical wellbeing."- Jeannie Rhee 

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"I practice yoga more for the mindfullness and the spiritual reasons; not so much for the physical reason, although I do benefit from it physically. It has also helped me to be more centered, compassionate, calmer, and less anxious. It has helped with my flexibility. If you want to improve your kindness and compassion you should practice yoga." -Rob Boatti

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"Yoga is the only thing that relieves my anxiety. I find myself hiding my emotions in very specific parts of my body. As a result of that, I get a lot of bodily and physical tension. I turned to yoga to help me sit in those emotions."- Alexis Digregorio

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"Yoga doesn’t bore me. It’s something new every time."- Michelle Sesco 

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