Private healing sessions with Alyssa go much deeper than group yoga classes and can touch upon a range of personal topics. Alyssa teaches yoga as a path to awareness of the here and now. Using the body and the sensations of the body, Alyssa will gently guide you through a practice that is tailored for you and for your needs.

Alyssa is highly intuitive incorporates energy healing, shamanic drumming and journeying along with hatha, vinyasa and kundalini styles of yoga asana practice. Alyssa incorporates the techniques of Breath and Meditation into all sessions.

Sessions can aid in the healing and ease of symptoms of many physical, mental, and emotional imbalances. Alyssa has worked privately with people with Multiple Sclerosis and movement disorders, HIV, diabetes, Guillain-Barré syndrome, Neuropathy, Lupus, depression and anxiety, bi-polar disorder, addiction, infertility, carpal tunnel, and chronic (back) pain.

Science is catching up with what yogis have known for centuries. Yoga and meditation can heal you on a cellular level. Yoga and meditation encourage the endocrine system to secrete the same feel good chemicals that can be found in anti-depressant and anti-anxiety pharmaceuticals. Studies are proving that individuals with a meditation practice actually age slower than those who don't. Yoga and meditation are proven to reduce inflammation and stress which are the cause of most illness and disease.

Sessions are 90 minutes in length.

Sessions are $175

Sliding scale is available for those with serious heath concerns, financial constraints and for those who wish to schedule 5 or more sessions in advance.