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Feel and Follow your Fascia

Feel and Follow Your Fascia.png

A Pop Up Class with Edya
5/28/2019 from 6-7:15
Drop in for $25 or use your membership.

Your connective tissue system, better known as your fascia, keeps your muscles toned, your joints stable, and your organs protected. How well your connective tissue is able to support all these other systems depends on its level of cellular hydration. If you wake up stiff and achy; if you easily injure yourself in yoga class; if you have digestive or breathing issues...your tissue is dehydrated.

In this special pop-up class, inspired by MELT Method and CranioSacral Therapy techniques, you’ll learn how to use small rubber balls and the soft MELT half roller to feel and follow the tension in your fascia and then facilitate a deep, juicy, healing release.

Half rollers and balls provided in class.

Sign up on the app, via our schedule page, or by calling the front desk.

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