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Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

The receiving of plant medicine is one of the most profound ceremonies one can experience. Plant ceremonies are intended for us to commune on a deeper level with ourselves, our planet, and our fellow humans.

Sometimes that means diving deeply into our shadow. Sometimes, we expand more powerfully into our light.

In this sacred ceremony, with medicinal strength cacao directly from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, we will expand all that is good within us and all around us.

The cacao spirit will guide us as we open our hearts and connect with our gratitude, our appreciation, and our love for the Father, the Mother, The Teacher, and the Source of all that is.

With the opening of the heart, we can begin to release old stories and beliefs, as well as release any negativity and tension that is lingering in our energy fields.

All are welcome to join in this deeply transformational circle.

**Please do not eat 2 hours before the ceremony.

Registration is closed.