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GO WITH THE FLOW: An Introduction to Vinyasa with Stacey Linden

Are you ready to move into a Vinyasa practice?  The literal definition of Vinyasa is “putting things in a proper place.”  Come explore a “proper place” in your practice. Perhaps it’s one that starts to push the boundaries of where you travel – physically, mentally, and spiritually – on your mat.

You will begin build the groundwork for fun and flow, as well as finding your individual expression in poses like Chaturanga and Upward Dog.  (With maybe an inversion thrown in for good measure!)  We will learn how to start jumping and picking up the pace, as well as discovering the intricacies and wonderment in our individual practice.

Join us as we mindfully approach a vinyasa class. We will begin to take a yoga practice to the next level with a focus on breath work, postures, and some basic vinyasas. We will break down poses and sequences in order to explore the intermingling of mind and body, breath and movement.

$35 pre-register; $45 same day