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THE CORE STORE!: An Exploration of the Bandhas with Ginetta Bernard

Once in the store -- which is your yoga class -- you need a cart to hold everything you need.
You will have this cart until you check out. You don’t want a cart with loud or wobbly wheels.  You want a solid cart that moves smoothly and that will hold everything you need.  You want a cart you can trust.  

During this workshop, you will learn how to maintain a cart you can count on as you fill it out with all the products (asanas) you long for!

It will be a new and fun approach to your core and your bandhas.  This workshop will unveil the mystery behind the bandhas, energy locks of the body, and how you can deepen your practice.

Discover the fire within and change your practice forever!

The workshop will consist of discussion, pranayama, kriyas, and asana. It is appropriate for new to advanced yogis.

$35 pre-register; $45 same day