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SACRED SOLSTICE CELEBRATION with Kay Dougherty and Rebecca Gordon

The world needs your light and it’s time to let it shine now. And, how?

Join astrologer, Rebecca Gordon (Siri Radha) and Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner Kay Dougherty in ceremony to honor the winter solstice and the planetary cycles for the year to come. The Solstice symbolizes a rebirth of our Sun and our inner light. On this day, the sun and earth will begin their new cycle together and we begin our new relationship to the great light within and without. In ancient astrology and shamanic tradition, this day is a new beginning for us all. The Solstice is the darkest day of the year, the time to build and increase your ‘inner fire’ for the New Year to come.

 As the sun emerges from the underworld, we invite you to rebirth and expand your luminous body so you will stand as a beacon of increasing light for the New Year.

Rebecca begins the day with a cosmic overview of 2016 and look into where the paths are already lit up for you. Following, Kay will guide you through a shamanic ritual of lantern making, sacred movement, and a fire ceremony.

We will close with a meditation for the radiant body to ground and extend your light into the past and future.

Rebecca and Kay will look forward to a luminous solstice with you! 

By awakening your light body, you can blast through those winter doldrums, seasonal depression and long nights of winter. Each attendee will get a copy of our winter mediations to take home.

*Please bring an empty glass jar that will fit a tea light.


Rebecca Gordon (Siri Radha) is an internationally acclaimed astrologer, author and columnist of the stars. Founder of the year round My Path Astrology School, she teaches in person and on-line courses while conducting her private practice in downtown nyc. Her astrological columns have been published in Well & Good, Prevention magazine, Conde Nast and her latest book will be released on Simon & Schuster in May 2016 titled ‘Your Body and the Stars’. She grew up learning astrology with her mother and later studied with Susan Miller of AstrologyZone. Rebecca is a long-time student, teacher and lover of Kundalini Yoga – passionate about the intersection where astrology meets the body. Read more about rebecca at

Kay Dougherty has been a full-time shamanic energy healer since 2005. Her training in Peruvian Shamanism began in 2004 first as a client and then as a student. After a year-long study program in North America she traveled to Peru where she was given a full initiation as a Pacqo on the Holy Mountain Ausingate by five esteemed shamans of the Andean mesyok tradition.

Following this initiation, Kay, enrolled in a two-year advanced intensive training under the direction of world-renowned shamanSandra Ingerman of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Kay performs extractions, soul retrievals, love based- de possession. She does healings for those who have crossed over also known as Psychopomp. She does space clearing and ghost or haunted house healing so that those that are lost in the middle world may find the light.

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