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Summer Solstice Solar-bration

The Summer Solstice is the Celebration Of Life- 

Join Us & Celebrate The Beauty of Life

Saturday June 21st - 7pm $10

I Just Want To Solar-brate.....Another Day of Livin’

by Kay Dougherty - tree hugger, dirt worshiper

The sun-the grand illuminator.  You need spend but one day in a country that lives without electricity to see why this magnificent star is worshiped supreme. It is always true to itself.  It illuminates all and gives rise to all.  Its light pays homage to the pure potential of the darkness in which it brilliance is held so dearly...oh and um... it makes taking a bath in a freezing cold river not so painful.  Sunshine we have all felt it, we all know it.  Despite gooey SPF lotion and spiffy Hollywood star-style glasses designed to shade us from its rays it still makes its way into our being.


To sit in the Kula, the community of the heart, our bodies make symbol of the sun- the circle.  Sitting in the circle is important.  Because it illuminates. It shines the light of truth.  As my teacher Professor Douglas Brooks once said  “Yogis need a kula - because we need to “see” ourselves in the ways that others see us from their perspective.”   A crazy old yogic idea?  Consider that it was one that came about before mirrors and cameras were made,  at a time when people sat around and looked at each other at dinner- not the TV or their Iphone.


Yoga is not being able to stick a handstand on demand.  Yoga is self-reflection. Self-reflection is best when you join a community.  People who look at you sitting there on you mat and ask you “how are you doing?” and want an honest answer.   The Kula has the courage to hold all of you-the good (your light) and the not so good (your shadow) and LOVE you through it all.  The sit in the circle of the Kula is the same as to meet Rumi’s field- “out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing”  and hold the space for you to let it all shine. 

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