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In this exciting workshop you will learn everything you need to know to effectively communicate through sign with your infant.  We will also do some fun activities with the babies to help you get the hang of things, and there will be plenty of time to get all your questions answered.  Learn how to get started, what to do, and the signs most relevant to babies in this one-off workshop. Please bring your babies (ages birth - 18 months).

Children can give high-fives, wave goodbye, or blow kisses long before they have speech.  Babies understand far more words than they are able to say.  By using Baby Sign Language (basic vocabulary from American Sign Language) children are given the tools to communicate before they acquire speech. Children can learn  to sign ‘'more’', '‘all done'’, '‘change my diaper’', ‘'sleepy'’, "food,'’ and lots more. Think of how much easier life could be when you can understand what your baby wants or needs. Using sign lessens frustration and increases bonding, and it is easy to learn! 

$50 for individual + baby; $60 for couple + baby.  Materials are included.


More info: Email or call 347-778-1775.