For Northern Manhattan residents who dream of greater vitality and life without chronic body aches and pains.



Ready to stop feeling anxiety and worry experience a calm mind and peaceful heart?

Although practicing yoga has always allowed me to get in touch with my body, the Deep Tissue massages I have received as part of the Wellness Program have taken that to another level. Combining massage therapy with yoga has made my yoga practice stronger, deeper, and wiser. Yoga puts my mind back into my body, and massage puts my body into my mind. It’s the balance I’ve been searching for.
— Cyndel C.

Sometimes it feels like life doesn’t let up.

There is never enough time to do what you want to do - just those things we feel like we have to do.
Or maybe it is the opposite - there is so much space in your day you have no idea what to do or where to begin.  You feel stuck and unclear.

Have you ever felt?

Tired and depressed?

Anxious and achy?

 Unhappy and unhealthy?

It is actually possible to feel vibrant, energetic and happy...most of the time!

You can ease symptoms of anxiety and depression.

You can wake up every morning feeling great.

Imagine being able to have an entire day without back pain.

Imagine feeling grateful and excited about life.

MindBodySoul Yoga Studio has created wellness programs to help you make this a reality.

Our teachers have taught thousands of classes and have seen lives changed through the power of steady yoga practice.

Will yoga and massage (for example) make all your problems go away?


But practicing yoga frequently can change your outlook on life.

And happiness is a matter of perspective.

Change your perspective and you can change your life.

Too many people feel that these services are financially out of their reach.  They feel them to be a luxury.

Group yoga classes and one-on-one services such as massage and private yoga shouldn’t be a luxury. They should be a part of an often used tool kit for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Our memberships offer the perfect combination for your continued health and happiness.

Now it's time to carve out NON-NEGOTIABLE time for your self care.

Because bundling group yoga classes and private services brings the cost down to a NO-BRAINER affordable level. 


Ready to iron out those aches and pains?
Combine yoga and massage and feel pain free!

Ready to land that forearm stand (or just learn yoga really, well?)
Combine group yoga classes with a monthly private class and watch your practice take off!

Here are your options for joining MindBodySoul Yoga’s

Monthly Wellness Memberships

What a fantastic and healing space! The teachers are PHENOMENAL (big ups to Maria, Stacey and Hannah). I always feel so taken care of and in such good hands.

— -Colleen C.

We know life we have really flexible terms.
Change, hold or cancel your membership with just 30 days notice.

Still thinking about it?

FACT:  Yoga increases your well-being and health.


Research is showing yoga improves symptoms of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, diabetes and more…

Yoga impacts the body and brain alleviating many mental and physical problems.


Our Wellness Programs are for you if:

~You are ready to kick your anxiety and depression to the curb.

~You feel overwhelmed and ready for change.

~You are ready to take control of your health and happiness.

~You want to feel 10 years younger.

~You want to feel vibrant and energetic.

Let’s get you started now!

”Absolutely excellent. It was just what I needed during a really rocky time in my life.”

— -Renee T.

Picture this:  You’re vibrant, energetic and happy!

Health is Wealth!
You can’t afford NOT to join.  
Our programs will:

~Enhance your immunity and good health

~Increase strength and flexibility

~Ease symptoms of anxiety and depression
~Help you sleep more soundly

~Help you calm your busy mind.

~Help you feel happier and more at peace.

A wonderful retreat from the city with a cozy at home atmosphere. I have never felt comfortable doing yoga until finding this studio.
— Catarina V.


MindBodySoul Yoga Studio is a yoga studio focused on our community’s health and well-being.


Our teachers are highly skilled and compassionate who strive to get to know you and your practice.


Our studio is homey with a nurturing vibe.  We make feeling great accessible by offering a vast array of classes and services that fit most lifestyles and budgets.

At MindBodySoul Yoga Studio: Yoga is for Everyone and there is something for everyone here.



Is there a commitment to sign up for the wellness program?

No, there is no monthly minimum commitment for any of our memberships.  

Are the memberships paid monthly?

Yes, all memberships will renew monthly until you tell us otherwise! You are able to change/ hold or cancel your membership with 30 days notice by emailing

What if I want a massage one month and a private yoga session the next, can I do that?

Yes, absolutely!  

Can I change my membership to a different tier for just one month?

Yes the memberships can be changed according to your needs. Email notification required.

How much in advance do I need to notify you to cancel my membership?

You must send an email to a minimum of 30 days prior to the date of cancellation.  This will ensure that we have a record of your requesting the termination and you will receive a confirmation after we have canceled the auto-pay.

If I cannot use my classes or services can I roll over the classes to the next month?

Classes and services cannot be added to the next month.  

Am I able to put my membership on hold?

You can put your membership on hold with 30-days notice. Email notification required.

Can I share my membership?

Memberships cannot be shared. They can, however, be gifted to another student. Email notification required.

What is up with the re-instatement fee?

You can cancel your membership with 30 days notice.  If you wish to re-join, there will be a cost of $49 to activate your membership again.