Craniosacral Corner - Case Study Three

Case Study #3: Jen

Jen was a new mom yearning to get back to the more active lifestyle she had before the birth of her 8 month old. As a teenager, she had played volleyball, softball and done gymnastics. As an adult she got her workout from performing daily massages as a licensed massage therapist. Yet in addition to the demands of a growing baby, Jen also struggled with intense headaches that centered around her right eye socket about 5 times a month.

My hands were drawn to Jen’s sphenoid immediately. The sphenoid is a beautiful butterfly-shaped bone behind the eyes that floats and undulates with all the other bones of the skull. Jen’s sphenoid was offset such that the left side was compressed with the bones below it, while the right side was gaping, possibly creating the strain behind the right eye. In our early sessions, my fingers spent a lot of time encouraging the sphenoid to explore the 3-dimensional space around it and find a more balanced place to rest. When we achieved that, Jen reported a feeling of her whole body “floating”. Sometimes, she remembered events from a long time ago that she hadn’t thought about in years.

However, when we ventured into the mouth to work with the upper jaw bones, Jen began to feel uncomfortable sensations. She left one session with the beginnings of a headache that worsened later that day. This was a learning experience for me as a relatively new CST practitioner (4 years and counting!) as to how delicate those bones are, especially when there has been past trauma to the mouth. Jen revealed that she been forced to wear braces at a very young age.

In consultation with another colleague, I did some very light and respectful work on one particularly traumatized tooth, and slowly Jen’s body began to come back into balance. Today, Jen isonce again playing volleyball and enjoying her old pastime. Go Jen!

Primary Complaint: Tension headaches, focal point in eye socket

Initial Pain Rating: between 5-7

Frequency: 5 times a month

After 8 Sessions of CST: between 0-2

Frequency: Once a month

Two Months Later:

Between 2-4, with the 4 mostly after volleyball games

Here is a word from Jen:

“Edya’s touch is gentle and I appreciate her getting consent throughout the session on different areas of the body, especially during the mouth work. She was not only able to relieve my physical tension but was able to release some past memories/emotions that I had forgotten about, yet still held onto and could now process