Craniosacral Corner - Case Study Two

In the fall of 2018, Edya Kalev and MindBodySoul partnered to create a Craniosacral Therapy scholarship program for our community. After reviewing several heartfelt applications, Edya was able to share eight sessions of CST with three lucky people.

Case Study #2: Rob
By Edya Kalev

Rob woke up about a year ago with a stiff neck that did not get better on its own. Acupuncture, Physical Therapy and Chiropractic helped to reduce the initial symptoms, but his pain levels often rose as the day wore on. Eventually, an MRI led to a diagnosis of degenerative disk disease and arthritis. Rob also suffered from sleep apnea that impeded his healing, since he had to sleep in uncomfortable positions to be able to breathe.

As we started our sessions, Rob began to use a C-PAP machine, which fortunately improved both his sleep and his neck pain. My challenge throughout our time together was to determine the specific effect of CST in his healing process. I tested his neck range of movement before and after most CST sessions and found small but significant changes in how far he could turn, especially on his stiff side.

Rob also reported that he felt more relaxed (session 1), could lie on his back in yoga class without a blanket behind his head (session 6), and could take a walk without pain (session 7). In addition, Rob reported subtle improvements in his knees, low back, and shoulders, which had all been surgically repaired years before.

My favorite technique to offer Rob was a gentle traction of his dural tube, the membrane that surrounds the spinal cord. It always had a ‘juicy' feel at the end of our sessions, which gave me hope that the bones would eventually come into better alignment around the cord, thus reducing his pain.

Overall, Rob enjoyed the sessions but remained a bit skeptical because of the coincidental timing of his C-PAP use, and his continued acupuncture

sessions. Though CST was not making the big improvements he was looking for, I really enjoyed working with Rob. I learned a lot about how to stay true and clear in my healing intention and be unattached to a particular outcome.

Primary Complaint: Neck and Shoulder Pain

Initial Pain Rating: 3 upon waking, 7 by end of day

Frequency: Daily

After 8 Sessions of CST:

Pain Rating: between 4-5

Frequency: Daily

Two Months Later:

Pain Rating: between 3-6

Frequency: Daily

Here is a word from Rob:

“The treatments always made me feel warm and fuzzy! And I did notice an overall improvement in my sense of wellness during the 5 weeks or so of treatments, plus experiencing slightly less pain and a slight improvement in my range of motion.”