Craniosacral Corner - Introduction

The CST Scholarship Program:
Three Case Studies in Light-Touch Healing


By Edya Kalev, MA, E-RYT 200, MELT Master Trainer, and CST Practitioner


I stumbled onto CranioSacral Therapy (CST) over 10 years ago, and it has been a constant partner in my healing since then. My monthly sessions have ameliorated many chronic issues, from a swollen patella to low back pain. It has helped my TMJ, and improved the fit and effectiveness of my dental appliance. Subtle shifts in my tissue have untethered me from past traumas I had almost forgotten. Even my young daughter has had sessions to unravel the bumps and bruises of an active childhood. Just knowing I have CST in my life has given me comfort that most minor issues can be resolved while I lay relaxed on a table, fully clothed, and often in a state of bliss.


So after a decade of teaching group classes in yoga and the MELT Method, it was only natural to turn to CST when I decided to expand my skills into a hands-on modality. In 2015, I began studying at the Upledger Institute, an internationally-recognized school started by John Upledger (b.1932-d.2012), a gifted osteopath and researcher in light-touch therapy.


Last year, MBSY owner and yoga goddess Alyssa Snow sat down with me in her cozy new wellness space and we chatted about how to spread the word about CST in the Washington Heights yoga community. Alyssa so generously offered the use of the beautiful treatment rooms to hold CST sessions. It was decided that I would offer these sessions free of charge to four lucky individuals… and so the CST Scholarship Program was born.


After reviewing over 20 heartfelt applications, 4 were accepted in the program, and 3 were able to complete the program in the 4 weeks allotted. It was my pleasure to work with these lovely people and share the benefits of CST with them.