Craniosacral Corner - Case Study One

In the fall of 2018, Edya Kalev and MindBodySoul partnered to create a Craniosacral Therapy scholarship program for our community. After reviewing several heartfelt applications, Edya was able to share eight sessions of CST with three lucky people.

Case Study #1: Melissa
By Edya Kalev

A long-time sufferer of chronic refractory migraines, Melissa had tried many conventional and alternative approaches before coming to CST. There were many potential triggers to be careful of, so we initially worked together to create a sense of safety around the especially tender areas of her skull. There was a sense of “vigilance” that was almost palpable in her tissues, so I lightened up my pressure to almost nothing, and got ever more clear on my intention to be a compassionate presence. I simply felt what was there and followed it with my hands, trusting her body’s natural healing mechanism to do the rest.

After several weeks of techniques on her head, spine and tailbone, Melissa was ready for some intra-oral work on her hard palate. These powerful techniques proved to be some of the most beneficial to rebalance the bones of her skull from the inside out. Melissa felt more spacious in the right side of her head where her migraines had been most intense. Her face became noticeably fuller and lighter after each session, and her right eye looked more open.

In combination with a new medication, Melissa found that CST helped reduce both the intensity and frequency of her migraines. These positive changes began after two weeks of treatment and have continued into the present. Other small issues resolved as well, including residual pain in her right foot due to a past fracture and periodic cysts in her gums. The body often heals itself when the CranioSacral system is in balance!


Primary Complaint: Chronic refractory migraines
Initial Pain Rating: up to 10
Frequency: 15 days a month

After 8 sessions of CST:
Pain Rating: up to 4-5
Frequency: 7 days a month.

Two months later:
Pain mostly up to 3-4
Frequency: holding at 7 days a month

A Word from Melissa:

“I found that Edya through CST was able to create some much-needed shifts in my body, particularly in my face and skull. Sometimes after certain treatments I found myself for days touching my neck or face because I couldn't believe how much different and better it felt after years of being painful or stuck.”