MindBodySoul Yoga 

Teacher Training and Continuing Education

with Alyssa Snow, Stacey Linden, Amy Soucy, and Colleen Kerns

This diverse, inclusive, and comprehensive 200+ hour teacher training program utilizes and draws from the unique backgrounds of MindBodySoul's teaching team.

This program is not just for aspiring teachers. Anyone with a consistent asana practice who would like to deepen his or her knowledge and experience of yoga is welcome to apply. This training teaches yoga as a tool for expanding awareness: the ability to pay attention to this moment now.

Our underlying methodology for teaching yoga incorporates Pantajali's 8 Limbs of Yoga. Yoga is for the mind – the side effect is a healthy body. In this course, we teach that the practice of yoga and the teaching of yoga may be approached as a conscious path toward spiritual awakening. Or you can practice yoga because it makes you feel good and brings joy and clarity into your life. Students who successfully complete this course will receive an intellectual and experiential understanding of yoga and the techniques to confidently teach a thoughtful, balanced class.

We offer two separate tracks for this course.  The first half of the course can be taken as a 100-hour immersion and can be applied toward the 200-hour course at a later time.

Both tracks begin September 2018 (click on the boxes to see course details).