MindBodySoul Yoga’s Wellness Center features some of the most devoted and skillful practitioners in NYC.  

Offered in a serene setting, our treatments are the perfect compliment to the profound effects of a yoga practice or as standalone services that aid in your healing and well-being.

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(Please note that same day appointments need to be requested via phone at 917-636-0197)

(60 or 90 minutes)

Therapeutic massage (deep tissue)  improves circulation, increases the lymphatic drainage of toxins from the body, and activates the parasympathetic nervous system. These benefits allow the body to do the miraculous work of self-healing it is designed to do, which can be compromised by the effects of stress on our vital systems.  

60-minute Monthly Membership - $99/mo

for 12-month contract

early cancellation will incur a fee equal to

$26 per session received.

60 minutes - $125

90 minutes - $150

Hot Stone
(60 or 90 minutes)

All the benefits of the therapeutic massage enhanced by heated stones to allow for deeper tissue work and release.

60 minutes - $135

90 minutes - $165

Aromatherapy Massage
(60 or 90 minutes)

Therapeutic massage complemented by scents and essential oils to create a treatment that relaxes body, mind, and mood.

60 minutes - $135

90 minutes - $165

Subtle Body Massage
(90 minutes)

This treatment combines therapeutic massage and Reiki.  It’s a powerful combination that uses the power of touch with massage, and then works with the body's own energetic system (Chakras and Meridians).  This is an approach specific to you for relaxing and healing the mind, body, and spirit.

90 minutes - $165

Thai Yoga Massage
(60 or 90 minutes)

A therapeutic practice which enhances flexibility and circulation, relieves tension, anxiety and stress, and detoxifies the body.  It integrates passive stretching with massage and acupressure techniques, working along the “sen” (energy) lines of your body.  This therapy is performed on a mat on the floor with no oils or creams.  Loosely fitted clothing and socks required.

60 minutes - $135

90 minutes - $165



An ancient and gentle hands-on healing technique that assists the whole person…mind, body, emotions and spirit. It stimulates the body’s natural healing ability at the deepest level, releasing energetic blockages that may cause pain, illness or dis-ease and accelerates personal growth. The result is a deep sense of peace, security, and well-being.

90 minute initial appointment - $165

60 minute follow-up

Shamanic Kundalini Medicine

A powerful synthesis of kundalini yoga and shamanic energy medicine, this healing will lead you, lovingly, into the awareness of the many layers of your being.

The work done in these sessions is deep and powerful where one is guided to journey into the depths of their shadow, so they may face, with courage, their deepest wounds.

Facing our wounds brings them to the surface to experience and then dissolve. It is only then that we can live from a place of wellness and wholeness.

With this work, over time, patterns can begin to unravel, blocks can become unwound, and wounds can begin to heal. Then our energy field becomes lighter and our minds, brighter. The path ahead becomes hopeful and clear.

These 2 hour healing sessions must be scheduled directly with Alyssa at Alyssa@mindbodysoulyoga.com.

Cost is $250. Sliding scale available.


Our resident acupuncturist, Katherine B. Hogan, MSTOM, L.Ac  is committed to providing her patients with compassionate, holistic healthcare. Through her treatments, she seeks to activate the body's innate healing ability; and through encouragement and education, she strives to empower her patients to be fully participant and invested in their health and treatment outcomes. Her passion for acupuncture and East Asian medicine derives not only from the elegance, holism, and efficacy of the medicine, but from the empowerment, deep connection, and therapeutic results that arise from a caring practitioner-patient relationship.

90 minute initial appointment - $135

60 minute follow-up - $105



The Feldenkrais Method® uses a combination of movement, directed attention and guided exploration that engages the ability of our brain to change (neuroplasticity), and allows us to alter patterns that limit our potential. It teaches us how to learn new ways of sensing that "rewire" our nervous system in more efficient way.  Functional Integration lessons are hands-on private sessions. During these one-hour sessions, we discover how you organize your body to function, and through gentle touch, movement and focused attention, learn how to develop more efficient functional patterns in your nervous system. 

60 minutes - $125

Craniosacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a light touch therapy that accesses the CranioSacral System, a series of membranes and fluids that support the brain and spinal cord, which are literally at the “core” of our being.  Using the gentlest application of pressure, CST helps your soft tissues release restrictions, and resets the cranial bones in a more beneficial and spacious arrangement.  After releasing the diaphragms, and the bones of the head, neck, jaw, and face, each session finishes with a full body BFF, a rotational tool which stimulates the superficial fascia and lymphatic system to release toxins as it calms the nervous system.  

75 minutes - $150


Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions are for those that wish for a more personal experience than can be found in a group yoga class. You may be a beginner looking to learn yoga asana in order to become comfortable in a group class.  Or perhaps you are looking to deepen your practice in a group class with more specific private instruction.  Sessions are individualized to best suit you. 

60 minutes - $125

90 minutes - $150


Kundalini Yoga Medicine

The vibrations of your mind and emotions together with the vibrations of your body and all of its systems create a symphony that is your life experience. For many reasons, the symphony that is “us” is out of harmony. Kundalini Yoga Medicine is a tuning fork that can bring us back into harmony.

This is an active healing modality in which we synchronize the body, breath and mind with purposeful, rhythmic moving meditations called “kriyas”. These kriyas are specifically selected to the patient's particular healing intention.

These sessions are 90 minutes and must be scheduled with Alyssa directly at Alyssa@mindbodysoulyoga.com.

Cost is $175.

Therapeutic Work

Clinical Psychotherapy

Sometimes, in order to see things in us, we first need to be seen by another. The therapist can see patterns that often we can’t see ourselves, but this partnership and this relationship requires trust and courage on the part of the seeker and a sound base of theoretical knowledge and sensitivity on the part of the therapist. Our resident clinical therapist is Dr. Melissa Vivino, PHd. Her work involves ways to promote a better connection between our actions and our intentions; because they are often not the same. Melissa believes that therapy is a journey to discover and to build a strong sense of self while negotiating family and friend relationships, career expectations and the demands on us from our culture.

Sessions with Melissa are $200 and are scheduled directly with her at 516-521-3940.

Spiritual Mentorship

We believe that true healing must incorporate the awareness that we are more than just thinking, feeling, organic bodies. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and the direct knowledge of this can be utterly transformative. A spiritual mentor helps for you to see the bigger picture of your life story. Lessons learned and wisdom gained. This therapeutic approach, which is grounded in love and compassion, helps one to form a deep connection to their Highest Self. This can be in the form of recommended reading and thought exercises, meditations and mantras assigned and loving and nonjudgmental accountability for personal practices and goals one may have.

Sessions with Alyssa Snow can be arranged directly with her at Alyssa@mindbodysoulyoga.com.

Cost is $150 for a one hour session.