Therapeutic Work

Clinical Psychotherapy


Sometimes, in order to see things in us, we first need to be seen by another. The therapist can see patterns that often we can’t see ourselves, but this partnership and this relationship requires trust and courage on the part of the seeker and a sound base of theoretical knowledge and sensitivity on the part of the therapist. Our resident clinical therapist is Dr. Melissa Vivino, PHd. Her work involves ways to promote a better connection between our actions and our intentions; because they are often not the same. Melissa believes that therapy is a journey to discover and to build a strong sense of self while negotiating family and friend relationships, career expectations and the demands on us from our culture.

Sessions with Melissa are $200 and are scheduled directly with her at 516-521-3940.


Spiritual Mentorship


We believe that true healing must incorporate the awareness that we are more than just thinking, feeling, organic bodies. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and the direct knowledge of this can be utterly transformative. A spiritual mentor helps for you to see the bigger picture of your life story. Lessons learned and wisdom gained. This therapeutic approach, which is grounded in love and compassion, helps one to form a deep connection to their Highest Self. This can be in the form of recommended reading and thought exercises, meditations and mantras assigned and loving and nonjudgmental accountability for personal practices and goals one may have.

Sessions with Alyssa Snow can be arranged directly with her at

Cost is $150 for a one hour session.