• Use the app or call the front desk to sign up for a class.  If you sign up, your spot in the class will be reserved for you until five minutes before the class begins. You can find the app by clicking HERE.

  • If you do not sign up for class with the app and the class is full when you arrive, you will have to wait until five minutes before the class begins to see if there are any available spaces.  We will make note of the order in which the waiting students arrived at the studio.  They will be let it in according to that order.

  • A “full” class means that the studio is at its maximum capacity between online sign-ups and students who arrived at the studio before capacity is met.  (The capacity for Green Tara is 24; the capacity for White Tara is 18.) The class may open up if online-signups do not come to class.  If this is the case, students will be admitted on a "first arrived" basis.

  • If you sign up with the app and also check yourself in before you arrive at the studio, that does not count as physically being in the space.  We will unfortunately have to uncheck you; you will be able to be signed back in when you come to the front desk.

  • We will never charge you for classes you to not attend.  

For the easiest flow for everyone - please arrive 10 minutes before the start of any class that you attend. Thank you!


While yoga is for everyone, not every class is appropriate for every body.  In order to have the best experience possible, please make sure you are in the appropriate class for your level of experience.  Beginners -- if you are unsure which class to begin with, please reach out and we will have a teacher call you to support the beginning of your practice.  Click HERE for a form to fill out and we'll be in touch within 48 hours.

Yoga is not a competitive sport.  It is a practice of awareness: an exploration of strength and space with an attention to your breath. If you cannot breathe fully, come out of a posture. If something hurts, stop.  Yoga should not hurt.  Use your breath to lead you into deeper experiences, not your will.  Lean into and explore discomfort, both physical and emotional.  Above all be gentle and kind,  to yourself and your fellow students.