Our resident Reiki Master, Jissel Ravelo, brings her passion and dedication for the holistic arts to our community.  Combined with her intuition and thorough training, she treats clients individually with the special attention they need and deserve.  Reiki is a powerful therapy for relaxation and healing. It works with the body's own energetic system (Chakras and Meridians) to promote relief of symptoms associated with the mind, body, and spirit. Reiki can also be a great tool for grounding, balancing, clarity, and focus. 

All sessions are gentle, completely pain-free, and you are fully clothed.  If you prefer no touch at all, that can be accommodated. It is safe and natural for babies, children, adults, and seniors. 

Reiki can be beneficial for so many conditions, here are a few examples of the most common:  Relaxation and Tension Release, Pain Management, Depression and Anxiety, Improves Sleep, Digestion and Immune System, Support in Substance Abuse Recovery, Reducing side effects from Radiation, Chemotherapy and Rx Meds, Acceleration of Surgical Recovery, Self-Esteem, Awareness and Intuition, Improvement in Relationships and Business.


First Session
(90 minutes): $135
Subsequent Sessions
(60 minutes): $110


 All sessions include an at-home treatment plan to support further healing.