At MindBodySoul Yoga, Yoga is for Everyone..and so is prAna clothing!

 Alyssa Snow lives in prAna clothing.  42 years old  - Alyssa is a wife, mother to 3 daughters (a step-daughter, a foster daughter and a biological daughter), yoga and meditation teacher and owner of MindBodySoul Yoga studio.  Where we care more about what we can do for you then what we can get from you. We want all people to feel welcome and nurtured. All people can benefit from yoga.  Not just those that can get in complicated postures, but all people of all ages and sizes.  As a foster mother , Alyssa sees first hand the needs of disadvantaged children in her community and offers by donation after school yoga, dance and drama.  MindBodySoul Yoga cares deeply about the earth and all the people on the earth.  This is why we love prAna.  As an expression of our love for prAna - we put some of our most diverse students in prAna clothing and asked them to pose in some of their favorite yoga poses.