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Welcome to MindBodySoul Yoga Studio.

Where yoga is a mindful-based practice that is good for the MIND, a physical practice that is good for the BODY, and a spiritual practice that connects you with your SOUL.


To help you navigate our schedule of classes, it is good to know what to expect in our classes. Each teacher presents class differently and in alignment with their personal wisdom and vibration.  We suggest you experience as many teachers and classes as you can to truly find the best fit for you and your desired experience.



A hatha class is a great class to attend for beginners. You will experience an equal amount of strength building postures and flexibility increasing postures. The class is paced so that the transitions from pose to pose are slow and approachable for students just learning.


Gentle Hatha

A gentle hatha class will gear towards relaxing poses rather than strong poses. This is a great class for someone interested in increasing flexibility and relieving stress and anxiety of a busy life. The pace is slow and gentle.



Vinyasa is an athletic class. It is necessary to know all of the yoga postures before coming to a vinyasa class; so we recommend taking a few hatha classes to learn well. Vinyasa will move from pose to pose on the breath – like a dance. The pace is fast and this class will get your heart rate up, increase your strength and your flexibility. We offer 3 levels – with level 1 being the lowest intensity and speed and level 3 being the highest.



This class combines hatha and vinyasa. It will start slowly with basic hatha postures to warm the body and then start to move a little more quickly on the breath.


Flow and Let Go

This is a great class for beginners. The first half of the class, you will move slowly and gently on the breath so open up the body and the second half will relax and rejuvenate you with supported postures (postures using bolsters, blocks, straps, etc to make them as relaxing and as easeful as possible).


Core Flow

This is a great class for beginners and experienced students alike. It is a strong class offering basic postures as a good pace. You work on the core muscles and experience basic foundational poses that strengthen the body. If you are a beginner and looking for a strong and fun class; this one is great!


MELTed Yoga

MELTed yoga is not hot yoga! It is a self-treatment technique that focuses on the connective tissue in the body. Healthy connective tissue provides support for all your muscles, bones, joints, organs and nerves. This is a great class for beginners!