SEXY FLEXIBLE: AN EVENING OF YOGA AND GIRL TALK with Alyssa Snow and Dr. Megan Fleming

Join Alyssa Snow and Megan Fleming for a unique event just for women! Come for an evening of connecting heart, body, and soul. We will begin our evening with a delicious yoga practice. Alyssa will lead you though an easeful flow of breath and body, in which you will create space in the body and in the mind. After our yoga practice and relaxation, we will convene to the big table for some wine and snacks and a discussion guided by Dr. Megan Fleming about all things sex and relationships. There will be both the opportunity to anonymously ask questions or to ask in the moment.  Dr. Megan’s expert advice and knowledge of self-help resources will allow you to make a shift in your experience/perspective.

$50 pre-register; $55 same day