Circle of Souls

Our consciousness is expanding, our ego is unraveling. This is awareness.

How do we experience this process with grace (and even, joy) in the midst of a busy, modern life with multiple storylines and demands on our time?

How can we experience living our life’s purpose doing what we are doing right here and right now?

Led by Teacher Alyssa Snow, Circle of Souls is a weekly meeting during which the MindBodySoul community and friends discuss spiritual and practical topics that have a direct effect on our capacity to enjoy fully, our lives as they are now.

Every Monday beginning February 25th, 6-7:15 PM

Class Schedule


The energy of money is not inherently good or bad yet it brings up our deepest fears and desires. We are often uncomfortable talking about money. But money has soul and is often a great teacher. So let’s be brave and talk about money and how it shapes our lives.

Monday, March 11th
6-7:15 PM in Green Tara


Being a parent is perhaps the most powerful role we can have in life. It fills our heart with love that is beyond words and brings us to our knees in its difficulty. How can we use the experience of being a parent as a vehicle for our own awakening?

Monday, March 18th
6-7:15 PM in Green Tara

Modern Culture

Without getting into the story of current politics, let’s discuss healthy and spiritual ways to approach our experience of constant information, news headline trauma, technology and social media.

Monday, March 25th
6-7:15 PM in Green Tara