The Never-Ending Teaching of Patience

Everything in this dimension of existence unfurls/unravels/blossoms in it’s own time.

Because all of life is co-creating together, the blossoming of experiences happens for many, not just the one solitary singular consciousness.

In other words, its not just about us.

You may have a vision of a certain experience that you would like to have, but doesn’t that experience also involve others?

Divine timing is when blossoming occurs at the right moment for all involved.

Let go of your own timing and desire to control “when”.

The experience of seeking control over the timing of experiences will result in a rich experience of spiritual lessons that come in the form of suffering.

You can circumvent this experience of suffering by surrendering your will to the wisdom of Divine will.

Notice when your thinking mind is holding tight to dissatisfaction of what IS.  Notice when your thinking tells you that an “other” experience is better, and to do things to bring it about.

Become aware of this tendency for it is a form of resistance and control. The opposite of patience.

Let go of the steering wheel of your life. Simply release the grip. Remember you are nature and nature does not control. It participates.

A bird does not ask if its flying correctly.

A rose does not plan when it will bloom.

Grass does not decide to be green.

In our human experience, surrendering does not mean doing nothing. Surrendering is not passive.

Thanks to our powerful minds, the practice of surrender takes effort and practice.

DOING something is conditional and automatic. We are taught to make our lives happen in a certain way. Taught to work hard to make our dreams come true.

What if all this controlling of our experiences and the outcome of these experiences actually disrupts the blossoming of the best possible outcome for us?

Patience is the softening of your tight grip on life.

Surrendering is completely letting go.

It is a practice.