There Can Be Peace in the Chaos

I’m not sure about you, but April was a whammy for me.

Maybe it was:

My never-ending to do list…

Life and business cash flow shortages..

A crazy amount of appointments for the children...

A week off from school...

All of the above.

You guys, April kicked my tushy.

I’ve had months like that before. I know you have too. We all have.

Upon reflection though, one thing stands out.

My inner experience to all this external chaos was pretty relaxed. I was tired, oh so tired so I slept deeply and as often as I could. I was emotional and I cried because tears release tension.

But I was not anxious. I was not depressed. I was not negative.

Why? Why was I able to handle a shitty month without feeling shitty?

You think i’m going to say yoga don’t you?

I’m not. It was my meditation practice.

Meditation is my medicine for chaotic times. It helps me feel grounded in the midst of a very fast life. It helps me not just intellectually know, but spiritually know, that everything is going to be OK.

It calms my mind’s conditioned habit to worry and plan.

I’ve been cultivating a meditation practice for over 20 years. I’ve fallen off the wagon and got back on more times than I can count. The auspicious thing about meditation is that it is cumulative. The more you do it, the more it changes your inner experience. Over time you realize that you feel more grounded, more peaceful, more connected and less reactive to things when those things go wrong.

Cause things go wrong. All the time.

How do we respond?

Our response can add to the chaos or add to the peace.  

Change starts with us.

When I talk to people about meditation - those who don’t say things like “I can’t sit still.”, “I struggle to find the time.”, “I don’t know how.” We offer one meditation class on Wednesday evenings but that is not enough.

I have been wondering how to serve you in this capacity. I love teaching and guiding meditation. I love supporting and nourishing a developing practice. But with family - I can’t be here early mornings or weekends or evenings. So when can i help you with this?

This has been a tension for me. When?  How?

When I stopped pushing the when and how questions the answer landed in my heart (I mean that literally - it landed, fully formed, in a knowing right in my heart).

I am creating a virtual meditation tribe. All digital but completely led and supported by me. I want to help you create peace in the chaos. Because you can.

We begin with a three month program - Moving Towards Meditation.

Because if I can find time to meditate. Ya’ll, anyone can.