Inner Change Becomes Outer Change.

While it feels like thinking happens in between our ears, thinking is actually not localized like that.

We can’t see thinking yet its impact on us is powerful. It is energy.

The quality of our thinking (both our conscious thoughts and our unconscious ones) have a particular vibration.

Joy would have a high vibration. Anger a lower vibration. You get picture there.

If we can’t see thinking, yet we know it is very real - what else can’t we see that has an impact?

All around us is a field of energy. I think of it as a matrix of pure consciousness, pure knowledge.

All life shares this field of energy. We exist within it and it exists within us. We are one with it and through it, we are one with each other.

So your thinking and your corresponding vibration effects the field and therefore those around you.

Have you ever entered a room and it felt off?  We use slang type terms like - “weird energy or weird vibe” - but I think we all know how that feels. When we enter a space and it feels off.

Or what about public transport or a crowded place?  Has it ever happened to you (it has happened to me so many times!) that you are all happy go lucky, good mood and then you sit down in the train and all of sudden you are feeling cranky pants?

Your internal dialog gets more negative or more paranoid or more...something. Something other than what you were before you entered that physical space.

Or conversely - you enter a space that feels great. The atmosphere feels light and airy. Your shoulders soften and you feel more like smiling. Your mind clears a bit and you feel more relaxed.

This is our direct experience of the field of energy that we all coexist within.

When we are immersed in thinking; we are projecting whatever frequency those thoughts are into the field.

Perhaps it’s a benign thought like - what do I have for lunch?

Perhaps it’s a toxic thought like “I’m worthless and no one wants to hire me so I’ll always be poor”.

Or maybe it’s judgmental. Judging (negatively) people and situations that you encounter throughout your day.

It’s probably a mix of all sorts of thought vibrations but if we are immersed in thinking; it is unconscious.

Meditation brings us into the present moment. Meditation is the experience of consciousness. It is the experience of being fully awake.

And how does this feel?

When I really ground myself in the NOW, I am lighter and more spacious in my mind. My thinking is less but it is also is more aligned with states of mind such as gratitude, appreciation, compassion.

In the silent space in between my thoughts I FEEL the truth of who I am.

I am Light.

I am Space.

I am Peace.

I am Everything.

And because we are energy fields within THE energy field; this is what i’m putting into the field around me.

This is why they say, when we change ourselves, we can change the world.

This has become my greatest motivator for my personal practice. It makes me feel better, yes, but I also notice the effect is has on my family and in particular my children.

When I flood calmness and peacefulness into the space that is my home; that is the experience we have as a family.


All that said, we can have dozens of really powerful and meaningful reasons to meditate and still not do it.

The thinking mind can be quite convincing - even from that passenger seat.

It can convince you that you don’t have time. That doing this or that RIGHT NOW is more important. Your thinking mind will try to lead you away from your practice.

It just will.

This is why the first few months of beginning something is so hard. Discipline takes effort and commitment. And it is not something that anyone can teach you.

In order for you and everyone around you to experience the full benefit of your meditation practice; you have to do it.

I’m excited to help you begin. Moving Toward Meditation is a program that is designed to help you establish a practice and stick with it.

t begins June 3rd with sign up closing June 2nd. Join me!