Conscious Creation

I’ve often been told that I am a “manifester”.

But what does that mean?  

For me, I always thought that it meant that I had a vision for something I wanted to create in my life and then it was created. Poof.

(please envision me with a magic wand)

Except that’s not AT ALL how it went.

The space between my vision in my mind or heart and my vision in 3D takes years and often, a lot of hard work and follow through.

From the outside it looked magical and inspiring (i’m told). On the inside, challenging and often confusing.

Why do I share this today?  

I’ve gained a bit of wisdom about the art of manifesting.

Our visions, our thoughts, our beliefs and our overall vibration literally create our life experiences. If we hold on tight to a vision for ourselves and we BELIEVE (this is key) it to be true (in every cell of our being), eventually, in its own time, it will come true.

It’s that “eventually, in its own time” part that always trips me up.

I have my own timeline you see and that timeline is very often (now(ish).  I’m working on this.

Working on living that beautifully magical (yes, magical) line of manifesting and surrendering.

You may have heard me say this before (teacher training students certainly have): Nature knows what to do. Trees don’t have to think or plan or ponder when to shed their leaves and blossom new ones. The flowers aren’t planning the best astrological days for blooming. The birds don’t check their calendars before flying south for winter.

We are nature. Our bodies know how to breath, digest, and circulate blood without us having to tell it to.  

We were gifted with these minds. These powerful, creative minds. But they take over the situation, ya’ll.  The desire and intention forms and we can’t just give it to nature and wait for its creation...we have to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

And yes, we can do it that way. We can push, pull, take, knock down doors and generally work our tushies off to bring our visions to form.

I call that manifesting in molasses.

Or we can not do that. We can from our vision in our hearts and then allow it to come into form. In its own time. In its own way.

Only then do we truly experience when manifesting is truly magical.

Because our minds are so powerful and pushy, they need to be tamed to be able to calm the “make it happen” urge.  

Or maybe “make it happen” isn’t your urge...but your thinking and believing mind responds how to your intentions.

How does it respond?

We have to know this to calm it. Whether your mind responds with “get it done” or “you can’t do this”, getting a handle on those thoughts is the first step.

Step 1.

Meditation ya’ll.

Step 2.

Conscious creation. Understanding the relationship between manifesting and surrendering. To create your life with ease. With ease. It doesn’t always have to be so hard.

This means, putting your intention out there. Form your vision and then wait. Wait for the opportunity to act. You’ll know.

Step 3.