Off the Mat: The Art of a Full Life

One breath at at time. One task at a time. Multitasking is the opposite of presence. It is the realm of the ego. The ego wants to get it all done in as short a time as possible. So then it can get more done.

The ego is always seeing what it has to get done. That’s handy - but just not in every moment. Just in the dedicated moments of planning and organizing.

In any particular moment, become aware of the action being taken.

Is it eating lunch? Then eat lunch. Don’t eat lunch and answer emails.

Is it working on the computer? Can you work on one thing at a time? Can you work with only one window open at a time?

How many windows we have up in our browser is a metaphor for how many things we are trying to do simultaneously.

Keeping that many windows open makes your computer sluggish. It also makes you sluggish, drained and tired.

Make your list. Plan your plans. But do one thing at a time.

This will create space in the mind.

So much more is possible when we release effort and allow each moment to unfold. This does not mean we don’t participate. It is co-creation.

We attempt to control our experiences and our outcomes based on what we think we want to expeience and achieve. This paradoxically leads to less control, more constrictions and less flow.

With our control, we end up subverting the very result we were looking for.

Have a desire. Have a vision. And then give it to God. Let God nudge you - through intuition and inspiration - when to act. Let the actions themselves be inspired and focused and complete.

Inspired actions, actions that are supported by flow and not control, are effortless.

They are fun.

They bring you out of space and time because your Presence when acting is profound.

One window at a time widens the windows view exponentially.

We attempt, with our multi-tasking to see and do more. To accomplish as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. Yet it dilutes our effectiveness as it is diluting our attention.

When our attention is diluted, so is our power.

This is the beginning of understanding Power and Presence.

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