Ki is a Japanese term for life-force energy, same as prana in Sanskrit, Chi in Chinese Medicine, Ka in Egyptology. All of these describe the universal force that creates and sustains life. It is the very force behind our breath, thoughts, emotions, and each cell in our bodies. It is vitality, the divine spark within, and our energy field. Reiki is one of the practices available to us to use life-force energy as medicine for the betterment of our mind, body, and spirit.


Receiving Reiki returns you to the true nature of your design, which for daily life means balance, connection, and wholeness. Of course, you and I are human, and we will encounter confusion, stress, worry, fear, anger, and pain throughout our days. These mental, emotional, and physical states are completely normal and important to recognize. However, prolonged exposure is what often leads to imbalances in our health and well-being. We luckily have these practices, which were preserved by our ancestors and predecessors, that unite us back to the natural laws of creation.

This art and practice also ignites and fosters our spiritual growth. To me, that means embodying our potential as human beings. It means living aligned with our intuition, compassion, acceptance, talents, skills, artistry, and intellect. It means practicing love and integrity in our relationships, work, and finances. This deep longing for harmony exists within us because it is the truth and completely viable.


You can experience Reiki in various forms: through hands-on healing, via distance healing, or in a group setting. The quality of the medicine is always the same, what varies within practitioners is the quantity that can be channeled for transference. As professional healers, our advancement only comes from the ability to clear up imbalances in our lives in order to serve as clear conduits for others.

It has been one of the greatest gifts of my life for all I have described and so much more. I hope you have a better understanding of the profound benefits of Reiki and invite you to make it part of your regular self-care routine. You deserve to know your brilliance!