New Beginnings: Announcing Roots & Wings

Today I’m announcing a new program that I’m extremely excited about. In partnership with Dr. Melissa Vivino, we will be offering Roots and Wings: A Program for Mind Body and Soul Healing.

This program aligns powerfully with my intention to be more than a yoga studio, which is why we are also renaming the studio “MindBodySoul Yoga + Wellness.” Now more than ever, our studio will be a Home for Healing. In this space, I believe that powerful healing and transformation can occur through deep interpersonal work and a safe atmosphere held by experienced healers.

This is the path we are on as a community and as a business.

I’d like to share how this came about. It is a story of allowing life itself to unfold (without a plan) and paying attention to opportunities that arise to create the best possible outcome for all.

Almost two years ago, a person came into the studio that changed my trajectory as a teacher and healer. They were suffering from severe complex trauma, had found relief in yoga, and wanted to work with me personally.

In working together, we found power in combining all the tools I had in my toolbox from my personal and professional practice: hatha yoga, coaching, spiritual teaching, kundalini yoga and shamanic energy medicine. I worked with them using whatever tools were useful on any particular day. We were and still are each other’s teachers.

And then more people with varying trauma started showing up and my sessions began to crystalize into an actual system or modality. Actually a few:  Kundalini Shamanic Medicine, Kundalini Medicine, and Spiritual Mentorship.

With new students seeking deep healing, I ran into my limitations as a teacher and healer. I am not a clinical therapist and this work was beginning to get psychological in nature. I felt a deep need to talk to my client’s therapists about what was coming up. Unfortunately, those collaborations are outside the paradigm of how many therapists work.

I considered going back to school, but quickly remembered I have 4 kids (another foster daughter recently joined our family!) and a business. I realized that now is not my timing for that, or, as my husband said teasingly, the flow wasn’t flowing on that one.

So I literally asked in my prayers “Ok, you are sending me people to serve, so please send help to do this.”

In walks clinical psychologist Melissa Vivino, a student at MBSY who was having the same calling as me, just on the other side of the story.

She was sending her clients to acupuncturists, massage therapists, and yoga teachers because she felt that if she was able to communicate with those healers on her client’s behalf, healing could be expedited

For the last five months we have been meeting and talking and planning. In our hearts we envisioned a program where someone has a team of healers working on their behalf.  A mind, body and soul approach wherein we utilize clinical therapy for the mind, yoga and therapeutic body work for the body, and spiritual mentorship and kundalini medicine shamanic practices for the soul.

Though this feels like a new beginning for myself and the studio, it is most importantly a refinement of my original intention to create a space for healing and awakening through the heart of yoga and community.

Thank you, beautiful community, for being the very heart of the work we do here.

May you be blessed, may you be well, and may you have peace in your hearts.