Our studio offers an array of classes from classically-inspired schools of yoga. There are no more than twenty-five students in a class, so all students receive personal attention. Our teachers teach to the level and needs of the class, and students are supported throughout. We encourage you to try different types of classes, as well as different teachers on the schedule.


Ashtanga yoga has been taught by the late Pattabhi Jois since 1948, and it involves a set sequence of poses.  Most ashtanga yogis are practicing Primary Series: Five Sun Salutation As, Five Sun Salutation Bs, the Standing Sequence, the Primary Series (Seated Postures), and the Closing Sequence.


In this slower-paced and beginner-friendly class, you will hold postures for longer periods of time. Hatha is ideal for relaxing the mind and body. You will use poses to see how your body feels, and where you are holding worry and emotions. Postures and breath act as a release, leaving you lighter and rejuvenated.


This challenging and fun class focuses on alignment, breath, and core strength. Postures are held, experienced and released. The attention is on the breath as a form of meditation. Focus on a steady breath will release tension and toxins. Multiple options and progressions meet you where your practice is at the moment. 


This is a slow- to moderately-paced class designed to introduce the student to the experience of vinyasa. The class begins slowly, holding postures for longer periods of time while maintaining constant breath awareness, space, and opening in the body. Gradually the experience of moving from posture to posture on the breath (vinyasa) is introduced.


This class will focus on creating space in the body.  Using gentle postures, which are held for longer periods of time - this class will help you to increase your flexibility.  If you have any particular area of the body you feel needs some space and light, this class will bring you there. 


Iyengar Yoga is based on the teachings of the living yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar. In this beginner-friendly class you will experience a safe and systematic progression of yoga postures that develop each student's ability and skill. Sequences develop strength, flexibility, stamina, and have a deep focus on body alignment.


Explore what it means to be "mindful" in your daily life. You will experience many different modalities including walking meditation, mindful eating experiments, and other forms of mindful movement and stillness.  This class is open to anyone regardless of ability to pay, ability or interest in physical movement….


MELTed Yoga can enliven your practice by bringing fresh fluid your connective tissue.  Using this method can make your poses become more stable and aligned from the inside out.  You will use specialized soft MELT rollers and balls to prepare for specific yoga poses, as well as integrating them into the flow itself.


In this class you will experience asanas completely supported by props.  Postures are held for longer periods of time allowing the body and mind to completely release.  Restorative poses can bring a powerful awareness of mental and physical holding patterns and then allow for release and change of these patterns.  


This is a class for students with previous yoga experience. The series of movements flow with the breath and are designed to cleanse and tone the body - physically, emotionally, and mentally. Transitions from posture to posture are aligned with the breath and move quickly.


This is a moderately-paced class designed to introduce the experience of vinyasa. Similar to Hatha/Vinyasa, this class begins slowly, holding postures for longer periods of time but moves more quickly to vinyasa flow. This class is restorative and athletic, and will leave you feeling space in both the body and the mind.


We have a number of classes that are tailored just for beginners.  Choose a day and time that works best for you, come ten minutes early so we can get you set up, and wear comfy clothes.  We promise to take care of you from there!

Don't find yourself in Washington Heights much? Not a problem. Our brief yet balanced video classes are available anytime, wherever you are, whenever you need yoga.