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Empowered Woman Series

6 Weeks to a more Joyful YOU

An Online Experience With Alyssa Snow

Sometimes we feel stuck...seemingly unable to gain momentum or direction. We can get so caught up in the chaos of our daily lives that when we finally have a moment to look up – we realize that our own self care has been the very last thing on our to do list. How can we tune into our intuition for direction when we can't silence the noise? Somewhere a long the way...

 we lost our ability to BE.

Join Alyssa in this powerful online series.   Learn to use the tools of yoga and mindfulness to create lasting change in your life. Yoga shines the light on patterning that does not serve us.  Do you leave class and go home to your habitual rhythm and schedule?  Learn to integrate the wisdom of yoga and mindfulness into your daily life. 


Learn how can you make the changes you know you want to make.

In this Six Week Series you will LEARN:

*The non negotiability of self care.

*How our mental and emotional patterns and beliefs are formed.

*Why positive thinking alone does not create change.

*Effective tools and techniques to unravel these patterns and create new ones.

*The power of gratitude in creating new patterns.

*Emotion as fuel for creating the life you want.


In this Six Week Series you will RECEIVE:

*Six 15-20 minute seminars on specific topics related to our journey together.

*Six one hour yoga practice videos intended to support and solidify our inner work.

*Six 15-20 minute audio guided meditations.

*Daily self reflective exercises, journal focus and mindfulness exercises.

*Access to private Facebook group with Alyssa and all participants to experience the power of women supporting women!

Ladies - we take care of so many.  Commit to so much.  Now it is time to take care of us and commit to ourselves. 

Claim your power. 

Live in Joy.

Next session begins in May 11! 


Here is a sneak peak at some video content!

Here is an outline of the program, week by week!