New to yoga? Welcome! 

Research confirms that yoga is an amazing practice for improving your health.

Feeling like you need more exercise?

Yoga can be a workout! While not all yoga is aerobic, there are some classes that will get your heart pumping and the body sweating. Getting our heart rates up regularly can ward off depression, heart disease, and obesity.


Feeling like you need greater flexibility and strength?

Increasing flexibility is one of the most obvious benefits of a frequent yoga practice. But don't worry, you don't have to be able to touch your toes to do yoga! Yoga meets you where you are. And strong muscles do more than look good! They prevent back pain and help with arthritis.

Feeling down, anxious, or stressed?

When we are stressed, our body secretes cortisol. In excess, cortisol is linked to depression and decreased immunity, meaning we might get sick more often.

Yoga LOWERS cortisol levels, therefore increasing immunity and decreasing risk of depression and sickness.

And speaking of a good mood...

Most exercise increases the production of dopamine, serotonin (happy chemicals!) and GABA. Yoga is especially powerful in increasing GABA levels. What does that mean, you wonder? GABA is a neurotransmitter that calms our nervous system and turns off our busy brains.

How great is it when we feel happy and worry-free?

Pretty great.

So yoga has it all.

It is mindful-based practice that is good for the MIND, a physical practice that is good for the BODY, and a spiritual practice that connects you with your SOUL.

MindBodySoul Yoga: Home for Healing.

Class Descriptions

Hatha Basics

This is an ideal class for beginners, but also for those who prefer a slower-paced class.  You will learn the fundamentals of beginning yoga poses, as well as how to move with the breath and body in a way that best supports you.

Hatha Yoga

A Hatha class is another good class for beginners. You will experience an equal amount of strength-building postures and flexibility-increasing postures. The class is paced so that the transitions from pose-to-pose are slow and approachable.

Gentle Hatha

A Gentle Hatha class will be geared towards relaxing poses rather than strong poses. This is a great class for someone interested in increasing flexibility and relieving stress and anxiety of a busy life. The pace is slow and gentle.


This class will help you connect the breath and body by praticing stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time.  The overall effect of this class is truly calming for the nervous system, the body, and the mind.

Gentle Hatha/Restorative

A really delicious combination of Gentle Hatha and Restorative.


Vinyasa is an athletic class. It is necessary to know all of the yoga postures before coming to a vinyasa class, so we recommend taking a few Hatha classes to learn them first.  The pace is fast and this class will get your heart rate up, increase your strength and your flexibility. We offer two levels – with level 1 being the lower intensity and speed and level 2 being more challenging.


This class combines Hatha and Hinyasa. It will start slowly with basic Hatha postures to warm the body, and then start to move a little more quickly on the breath.

MELTed Yoga

MELTed yoga is not hot yoga!  It is a self-treatment technique that focuses on the connective tissue in the body. Healthy connective tissue provides support for all your muscles, bones, joints, organs, and nerves. This is a great class for beginners!


Prenatal yoga classes help strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, improve circulation, aid in digestion, exercise the spine, and increase overall comfort.  


Ashtanga yoga focuses on a specific sequence of postures, which are linked through movement and breath.  It is an athletic style of yoga combining strength, flexibility, and stamina for a complete practice.

Accessible Yoga

This class is appropriate for those living with long-term or short-term physical and/or emotional conditions. We make full use of bolsters, blocks, walls, floors and straps to create more ease in physical postures, and we utilize self-calming techniques including breathwork and meditation. If you’ve thought yoga was not for you, try Accessible Yoga.


Would you like to speak with a certified yoga teacher before beginning your practice?  Please go HERE and find the form at the bottom of the page.

Talk to you soon!