Shamanic Energy Medicine

Shamanic Energy Medicine is the oldest known healing modality on the planet. A shamanic practitioner serves as a bridge to the client’s own empowerment. Shamans are trained to take meditative journeys to higher dimensions on behalf of their clients. The shamanic practitioner consults with Transpersonal forces (Spirit Guides/ Angels/Ascended Masters/Honorable Ancestors/Power Animals) to seek counsel as to what will serve the highest and best for the client. The practitioner returns from the journey with the information and makes the necessary adjustments for the client’s luminous energy body to bring about optimal health and healing.

Shamanic healers deal with all illness and distress -- physical, mental, and emotional --to resolve blocked or weakened energy patterns. In addition, shamans work in the same sacred way with animals, groups or families, living/working spaces, and the environment.

Sessions are ninety minutes to two hours and set the foundation for profound shifts to occur. These shifts can then take anywhere from two weeks to several months to manifest and integrate fully. During the session the practitioner and client talk about goals, and then the client sits or lies comfortably on a massage table or the floor. Client remains fully clothed and physical contact is minimal.

 PRICE: $175