On March 16, 2009, MindBodySoul Yoga Studio began in a small, sweet space on 170th Street and Fort Washington when Alyssa Snow opened the doors for a 7am Hatha class.  Our very first class had 7 students and it was the beginning of an amazing adventure. Over the next few months, teachers Stacey Linden, Amy Soucy, Tom Weston, and Ola May joined the schedule.  And so began our journey leading yoga classes for the amazing community of Washington Heights.  Over the next few years, we grew from offering 15 classes per week with five teachers to a new space hosting over 30 classes per week with 15+ teachers, healing services, teacher training and a lovely boutique.  Our studio hosts a diverse community who come together to practice yoga, socialize and meet new friends and gain peace in their minds and in their hearts.


Alyssa Snow is the Founder and Owner of MindBodySoul Yoga Studio.  She has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for over a decade.  Alyssa has studied kundalini yoga, hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga and is the lead teacher for MBSY's 200 hour teacher training course. Alyssa loves business (a true numbers geek) and before opening the studio, had a 12 year career in corporate finance and operations. Alyssa is a mom of three daughters, an author, a teacher and a spiritual business coach.  You can learn more about her by checking out her website here.

Stacey Linden has been a part of the MBSY team since before the doors opened.  She brought Alyssa a bag of chai tea (her favorite) while the walls were being painted.  7 years and thousands of yoga hours later; Stacey is one of our most popular teachers and is on the teaching staff of MBSY's 200 hour Teacher Training program. Stacey is the Programming Director for the studio.  She manages the group yoga schedule and the workshop schedule.  She is often Alyssa's right hand, and her left.  She is the mom of Eli and is a total grammar geek who is not-so-secretly is obsessed with chocolate.


Lauren Nelson, Studio Manager, is the answer to Alyssa's prayers.  Lauren has an extensive background in education and is a former teacher specializing in teaching english as a second language.  Lauren has a natural entrepreneurial spirit and loves the community building aspect of her job at MBSY.  She is a writer and a yogi and is currently enrolled in our teacher training program.  Lauren is passionate about learning the healing arts and the business that supports it.  Lauren is totally obsessed with podcasts that expand her consciousness and is a bit of a book worm - paper books, no kindles.  She makes Alyssa have a proper lunch (with actual dishes) which is always very appreciated.


Callie Dennis joined MindBodySoul Yoga Studio in 2015 as the world's best work study student.  Callie's love of the studio and the community made her the best person for the Front Desk Associate Position when that became available in 2016.  She is warm and loving and friendly and makes some AMAZING organic herbal teas.  Callie is currently enrolled in our teacher training program. She is mom to six year-old Zeah and loves to read tarot cards, cook vegan meals and create tinctures for health and wellbeing.